Morning Routine

Self-care so important for HSPs and creating daily rituals can be a part of that practice to help keep you balanced.


Why is a morning routine so important for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

  • It takes away decision making – Having a regular routine means that you need to make less decisions about the structure of your day.  Highly sensitives have the tendency to stay in their mind where it feels safe, overthinking and processing stimuli to a greater depth than others and it can take a lot longer to make decisions


  • Ritual – Having a ritual can be both freeing and grounding. Knowing that when you go to sleep at night you have something to look forward when you wake up to that will start off your day on the right foot is very calming.


  • Familiarity – Life is unpredictable at the best of times and particularly with the current situation, so a familiar routine can give that sense of safety when there is less certainty in your life.


  • Knowing what to expect – Us HSPs love to know what’s coming next. It gives us a break from overthinking and soothes the nervous system.


  • More factored in “me time” – Having scheduled time for ourselves, means that we know what we need to do in an allotted time so that we can also schedule our much needed down time into our days; and avoid neglecting ourselves.


  • Purpose – Our deep nature means that we are constantly looking for purpose and meaning in everything we do. Incorporating intention setting practice to our morning routine means that we are living more purposefully throughout the day.


  • Energising – I love reading something motivational in the morning to get me in the right frame of mind.


  • Protection – Empaths and HSPs need to ensure that they are protecting their own energy from energy vampires. As we unconsciously absorb and collect other peoples energy it can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, fatigued etc, so its important to ground and cleanse to start the day lighter and call our energy back.

Here’s what my morning routine consist of:


  • Affirmations: Reading and Visualisation – I start off my morning by reading over my affirmations and visualising each one as I go. I recently created a new list of 8 affirmations that I read twice a day. You can write them in your phone or on paper whatever works best, look at each one and then close your eyes as you visualise them. After some time you will start to remember them so you can just lay in bed keeping your eyes shut as soon as you’ve woken up and recite each one as you go. Its best to do them as soon as you wake up while your mind is still receptive and impressionable.


  • Grounding & Protection Meditation – I then do a 10-minute guided meditation on grounding and protecting my energy. As an empath this is really important for keeping your energy in check throughout the day. Both are done through visualisation techniques and you can find some really good ones on YouTube or Insight Timer (app).


  • Cup of Tea – The first thing I will do when I get out of bed is make a cup of tea, drinking tea used to be done ceremonially many years ago and I still like to connect to this and include it as part of my ritual in the morning. I will often do this and climb back into bed to do 20-30 minutes of reading (something motivational/inspiring) before I get up.


  • Exercise – I always do my exercise in the morning. No matter if I am tired I will always do some kind of movement to stretch my body. My morning exercise will vary from day to day and it will be a combination of HIIT training, yoga/stretching or resistance weight training. I’ll spend 30-45 minutes on this.

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