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Hi, my name is Rachael

I’m a transformational life coach who empowers highly sensitive men and women to build their self-esteem, be more assertive and trust their intuition.

A few words about me

Growing up as a highly sensitive child, I was conditioned to believe that life was a struggle and I wasn’t going to survive if I carried on feeling all the feels and absorbing the weight of the world around me.

My whole life, I knew I was different.

I would become extremely anxious and overwhelmed in the most “normal” of situations and would berate myself for being unable to cope. I was constantly worried that other people would think I was weird or awkward. I was labelled as shy or too sensitive and in order to be accepted, I pretended my emotions did not exist and pushed them down to appear more confident and outgoing just like my friends.

This continued throughout my teens and twenties, I became more and more disconnected from my true essence, hiding away from my emotions and needs. I was addicted to seeking external change, anything that would bring avoidance and escapism from myself. I had low self-esteem, zero confidence and began on a path of self-destruction by numbing with substances & partying.

I knew that there was more to life than the suffering I was experiencing I just had to figure out where I start…

What happened next?

I read a book on the law of attraction and realised that by changing my thinking I could create a new reality for myself. Since then I have immersed myself in personal development and have spent hundreds of hours doing so ever since. I became more spiritually awake, more conscious of the workings of the universe and I knew that I could re-create the life I desired by working on my internal world.

I studied NLP and trained as a life coach, I began meditating and taking part in rituals and other spiritual practises. As my confidence grew, so did my motivation levels. I began coaching my friends and family, inspiring them into taking action towards their dreams, motivating them to live a healthy lifestyle and create lasting habits that set them up for success.

The lessons that I have learnt around self-love and acceptance are the ones that shape the way I think, feel and act. This is the reason I want to coach you. I want to provide a space for you, to listen to you and help you to discover your FULL potential.

Using my unique methodology, we will get clarity around your goals and desires, we will determine your values and understand how these act as drivers into the decisions you make each day. I will help you to see that you are SO special exactly as you are. 

It is my assignment to help you see what you can’t yet see in yourself and support you in creating the life of your wildest dreams.

You can read my full story here

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Law of Attraction
Positive Self-Talk
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