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The coach for highly sensitive men and woman that want to build self esteem , become more assertive and trust their intuition .

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You feel everything deeply and often have strong emotions
  • You tend to get overwhelmed easily by stress at work or in relationships
  • You withdraw/isolate when you’re overwhelmed, perhaps retreating to solitude or a public bathroom to cry or regroup
  • You are a perfectionist or people-pleaser, and can be strongly self-critical
  • You are more impacted by busy places/large crowds, hot/cold temperatures, scratchy fabrics or tags, loud noises, or strong smells than other people
  • You struggle with changes/transitions and making decisions (especially under time pressure)
  • You need alone time to decompress after a busy day or social outing
  • You struggle to let go of things that have happened or been said, thinking over it for a long time
  • You frequently feel worried, anxious or emotionally exhausted and don’t know why
  • You have trouble getting to sleep because of everything on your mind

Then it is very likely that you are a highly sensitive person!

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The great news is, you’re in the right place!

I am here to show you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!  


When we finally attribute our experiences to being a highly sensitive person (HSP) it can take away an enormous amount of anxiety, stress and self-doubt because finally we feel understood. However, being highly sensitive DOES NOT excuse you of any responsibility for your own personal development and so this label should just be used to help educate and understand more about the trait in the same way any other label should. Scientists have proved that our brains are capable of learning and adapting at all ages to create changes in both our thinking and behavioural patterns, so we can now feel more empowered to take action towards the life we desire, knowing that our unique qualities are the foundation for our special gifts and the growth to come.


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I’m Rachael

I’m a transformational life coach who empowers highly sensitive men and women to build their self-esteem, be more assertive and trust their intuition.  

As an empath and highly sensitive person myself (HSP), I have learned many tools and techniques that I believe will be successful for you too. If you’re here reading this, then it is very likely that you, too, are highly sensitive and grew up being told that you were “too sensitive” or “too shy”, feeling misunderstood and different from everyone else around you.


I’m here to help you take your power back so you no longer have to hide from who you really are. I combine my own intuition, with psychology and spiritual coaching to help you overcome your inner critic and live an authentic, fulfilled life as a HSP. Through this work, I help my clients manifest a reality of radical self-love and acceptance, where you can learn to embrace your sensitivities and see them as a very special gift.

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Happy clients

Rachael has such a delicate approach; her kind nature makes you feel safe and listened to with compassion and no judgement. Rachael was able to provide a fresh perspective and I had a complete penny drop moment that, in an instant (literally) the situation was transformed.


Bridget Ashborn

Rachael asked all the right questions to help me realise my goals and get some achievable structure. I left our first call feeling totally empowered and excited about my business again.


Jaclyn Smith